Carved Gun Stock

Gun Stock Carving; restoring and preserving our heritage with elegant and uniquely carved personalized gunstocks.

Our custom Rifle Stock Carving is available by commission. We will carve wood and wood laminate rifle stocks, and wood, and wood laminate pistol grips.

To assist in laying out the location of what you want carved on your Custom Gun Stock, I suggest using masking
tape, or other paper tape, easily removed, and non damaging to the finish, to lay out the area the carving will
cover. You can work with this, moving the tape around until you are satisfied. Leave the tape on when you send
your gunstock helping us both to know we are on the same page.

I can recreate a photo or painting as a gunstock carving, combine one or more pieces of art, and custom fit this
to your gunstock.

The gunstock carvings on my web page shows a few images of different animals and birds, but the possibilities
are endless. If you don’t have artwork for the animal you want, let me know, and I’ll find it for you. Images can
be combined into scenes, and all these images can be flipped to face the other way. This creates a one of a kind
custom carved gunstock, for you.

If desired I will remove the factory checkering and replace it with a basket weave or fish scale pattern. This
can then be accented with leaves, acorns or a border. This not only improves the look of the gun, but
gives it a unique feel, and improves the grip while shooting.

I have spent many hours designing, drawing and carving different patterns, but am willing to carve a custom
design on your gunstock. If you have a photo, pattern or design that you like, contact me for a free quote.
I specialize in custom work. Please, if you have an idea, or design, contact me and we can discuss it.

A simple pattern of leaves and acorns dress up a gunstock, creating a custom gunstock of your design.
As an added bonus, this feels nice to your hands, and improves your grip while shooting.

We offer rifle stock refinishing as part of our custom gun stock package.

Images can depict:

Memories and/or Dreams of times to come

Trophy Buck











Fish Scale on Pistol Grip

Artwork and/or Family History

Stylized Turkey


Forestock carved with basket Weave, Oak Leaves and Leaf Scrolls.

Forestock carved with basket Weave, Oak Leaves and Leaf Scrolls.


Laminated stock carved with Basket Weave, Oak Leaves and Scroll.

Carved Laminate Gun Stock


Grizzly Bear carved in walnut Gun Stock

Grizzly Bear

  Grouse - on Laminated Stock

Drumming Grouse - Laminated Gun Stock

Carved Mountain Goat on walnut Gun Stock

Mountain Goat carved in walnut Gun Stock.












Rifle stock carving, a great way to own a Custom Gunstock.