Custom Carved Gunstock

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Gun Stock Carving; restoring and preserving our heritage with elegant and uniquely carved personalized gunstocks.

Do you have an old firearm?  Perhaps it is the rifle, now a family heirloom, with which your children first learned to shoot?  What about that trusty piece, the one that spent years in the field with you?  It may now be retired.  However, it is in need of some TLC.  Rather than leave it in “old used condition,” have it turned into a “functional work of art“.  With a custom carved gunstock it is worthy of being passed on to future generations.

Start with our individualized custom gun stock carving designed specifically for you and your firearm. Breathtakingly attractive as it is functional for the shooter.  Now truly a Family Heirloom!  Starting with a custom carving of your favorite hunting scene.  Then, add some basket weave design and oak leaves on the grips. You now have a custom firearm unlike anyone else’s!  One that can not even be duplicated!  Achieve further restoration, if desired, by powder coating, Teflon coating, or simply re-bluing of the metal.

Make a truly artistic presentation piece of your firearms through our Gun Stock Carving.  Then display them proudly in your home or man cave.  They will also look great back at the range or in the field.

Historic Gun Carving

Gun stock carving is an art form dating back to the invention of the gun. Carved wood gun stocks and engraved
metal components are just a couple of the ingenious methods used to decorate firearms. The origin of beautiful
works of art in the form of gun stock carvings and custom rifles originated in Europe. In most European
countries hunting was a sport of kings, and other people of position, and they would not be seen hunting with
anything other than a custom made, beautiful, work of art.

President Lincoln was presented with an ornate Henry Repeating Rifle, serial #6.

Queen Elizabeth’s “Pocket Pistol” (dating 1544) is a 24 foot canon, firing 10 lb balls, and is decorated with engravings and the Tudor Coat of Arms.

Be proud of our heritage!

Gun stock carving is a great way to own a Custom Gunstock!

Custom Carved Gunstock